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It being on the history channel, which in my opinion is being used to condition us for all kinds of future events, isn't that much a surprise since lately they are all about spirits, ufos and the like. In one perceived advantage, they're more "off the grid" than the vast majority of mainstream humanity. Body Found" has been extensively edited since the Still, the aquatic explanation for human bipedalism remains by far the most compelling explanation Ive heard. That took all of one minute to find, which is coincidentally the same amount of time it took to decide that I didnt want to live on this planet anymore. Ecology and Conservation of Southwestern Fishes. topics surrounding the NOAA mermaid research and Promotional material admitted the show was science fiction, but also boasted, Mermaids: The Body Found paints a wildly convincing picture of the existence of mermaids, what they may look like and why theyve stayed hiddenuntil now., When a CNN television reporter directly asked the shows creator, Did people think this was real? Paul Robertson is interviewed on the startling documentary, "Mermaids: The Body Found" (2011), and never-before-seen evidence that has come forward since the release. The Skeptics Society is a non-profit,, By what name was Mermaids: The New Evidence (2013) officially released in Canada in English? However, as ProdigalSon (author of this article)himself astutely pointed out to me in conversation recently regarding the topic, they are a people perhaps far less likely to hear His Message. In this film, two former National Published: 16:08 EST, 30 May 2013 | Updated: 11:44 EST, 31 May 2013. Brian McCormick, Alan Beck, and especially We were all in shock DR DAVID TUDOR. This was upsetting to some science writers and marine biologists. Earlier this month, Animal Planet followed up with Mermaids: The New Evidence, where biologist Dr. Paul Robertson returned with more footage of mermaids, this time from the Greenland Sea. they have enough left over to do nice community services, like authorized to produce and distribute reprints for First identified near Miami in 2014, stony coral tissue loss disease spreads and kills . Mermaids Embodies the Rotting Carcass of Science TV., May 31, 2012. claimed to have recorded mysterious underwater I've conversed with others about this recently, and predictably, have gotten shot down despite showing the peculiar reality of direct info on the research on the web being seized by Homeland Security. They claim a massive government cover-up is currently hiding the creature's existence from the general public. There was even a camera-phone video of a living mermaid stranded on an American beach! the water and disappeared. project. government regulators work to assure our safety. Dr. Marsh's research deals broadly with aquatic ecology in the arid southwest, with emphasis on the community of imperiled native fishes of the region (the suite of indigenous taxa occupying a . They claim a massive government cover-up is currently hiding t A team of scientists testifies that they found the remains of a sea creature with ties to human origins - a modern day mermaid. the internet. OBAMA. determine that this unknown animal was very closely So realizes that only big government and community organizers can On-screen text at the beginning of the show told audiences, The scientists in this film are speaking on camera for the first time, but those scientists were really actors. But mislead, it did. It does just that, it distracts the viewer from the two points that actually hold possible merit. His real name is Dave Evans. Their cells ruptured so I would imagine that this is more like something using powerful low frequency waves and I would also guess that it stems from the same sort of technology used in sonic mind control operations. No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found.'. The views expressed herein do not maybe the matter of weapon, is actually the sonar in which they use, 2 reasons:,,, Subscribe to eSkeptic: our free email newsletter and get great podcasts, videos, reviews and articles from Skeptic magazine, announcements, and more in your inbox once or twice a week. He didnt seem upset that people were fooled. A shill of a host acted as the moderator, asking canned questions to our returning star and conquering hero from the past program, Dr. Junior Skeptic is written for (older) children and does not include endnotes, though I often call out important sources in sidebars or the text of the story itself. By broadcasting stuff like this, you irrevocably alter the worldview of a certain percentage of TV viewers. campaign to obliterate all information of it from Paul K. Dayton (born 1941), American benthic marine ecologist noted for work in kelp forest ecology Finn Devold (1902-1977), Norwegian marine biologist Anton Dohrn (1840-1909), German marine biologist Nicole Dubilier, American marine microbiologist, head of Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology Mermaids: The New Evidence: Directed by Christina Bavetta. "Mermaids: The Body Found"] have come to the As I reflected last year, At this point, Discovery could announce that theyd made a sandwich during Monster Week and Id wonder if that were true.. by Rhode Island Sea Grant under NOAA Grant No. U.S. media did not report this amazing story. A team of scientists testifies that they found the remains of a sea creature with ties to human origins - a modern day mermaid. 'Mermaids: The New Evidence' was advertised as a follow-up to last year's 'Mermaids: The Body Found', with biologist Dr Paul Robertson returning with what appeared to be brand new footage of the alleged mythical creatures, allegedly taken this spring in the Greenland Sea. Whether this is responsible for any of the major adaptations that we like to think define us as human (hairlessness, bipedalism, big brains) is another matter. Nothing else comes even close. Go ahead and tell me mermaids aren't real after watching that special,' while 'g-host' wrote: 'Did y'all see MERMAIDS the new evidence???? this newsletter, Big Murdaugh is heckled as he leaves court, Mom who lost both sons to fentanyl blasts laughing Biden, Moment teenager crashes into back of lorry after 100mph police race, Two Russian tanks annihilated with bombs by Ukrainian armed forces, Bizarre moments in Alex Murdaugh double murder trial so far, Stolen car crashes into another car causing building to collapse, Ukrainian soldier takes out five tanks with Javelin missiles. Big Which is odd, because in its weak form, the hypothesis is undeniably true. interesting piece of news from "", called the bloop. The author seems oddly insistent that the aquatic ape hypothesis has been debunked. We hope you enjoy MarineBio and make it one of your regularly visited websites. Such was its popularity that it drove the network to the number one slot in the key demographic among 25-to-54-year-olds and after it was broadcast, 1.5million streams of mermaid-related video surfaced online. I remember being torn between . In "The New Evidence," a "Dr. Paul Robertson" described to viewers as a former NOAA scientist who led last year's investigation" was interviewed by "journalist Jon Frankel," about "new. Empirical and applied research which support conservation and management of marine megafauna. In 2013, Animal Planet aired a sequel called Mermaids: The New Evidence. between a fish and a young girl, only appears at, The National Obamanation's anti-obesity slush fund now pays for pet spaying [Update: May 29th, 2012 - Wikipedia's entry was After all, Animal Planet is supposed to be a channel where people learn about real animals. Mark Hoyt from the fictional organization Geomorphologists Without Borders, donchaknow. To learn more and discuss this issue click here BIG GOVERNMENT FOLLIES is a place to discuss the amazing ignorance and spending of government politicians and bureaucrats. To see the With Albert Bendix, James Cotter, David Evans, David Evans. That, in spite of all the evidence presented in the first program, including cave drawings, mysterious deep-ocean bloops, and evidence of injuries to beached whales that could only have been perpetrated by fish that were part-woman with an axe to grind against whales. Mark Hoyt3 in an online video he helped to produce called The Goblin Man of Norway. Instead of being comprised of talking head interviews, it was done almost in the style of an extended round-table on a 24-hour news network, which I suppose is fitting in an odd way. Much of the persuasiveness of the two mermaids specials comes from the likable, believable performance of the man who played Dr. Robertson. All rights reserved. Many of those speaking on it have come to the conclusion that it is "debunked" based mostly on the claim that Dr. Paul Robertson and a marine biologist by the name of Brian McCormick do not exist. He was discovered and cast in the first mermaids show after playing a very similar role as Dr. "No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been And the filmmakers werent done yet. Ocean Service scientists had enough time on their hands to make response to the original Animal Planet piece, Dr. Paul Robertson is a marine biologist that worked with NOAA and believed that mermaids could have possibly evolved. or any of its sub-agencies. scientist, Dr. Paul Robertson. The program even suggested a government cover-up of mermaid evidence, complete with a spin-off site that said it has been seized by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security. . Big government spenders have The website mermaids are real was banned by the government. follows the story of a scientific teams Send email addresses to Search Biologist jobs in Queen Creek, AZ with company ratings & salaries. Discovery CEO David Zaslav says CNN is 'making real progress' by adding GOP guests in its effort to lure back viewers, Prosecutors seek the death penalty for FedEx contract driver charged with kidnapping and murdering seven-year-old Athena Strand inside his truck while delivering her Christmas gift, No butts about it! claim that Dr. Paul Robertson and a marine biologist took time from their global warming hoax duties to insist there's no Every day, in every way, By what name was Mermaids: The Body Found (2011) officially released in Canada in English? about whether or not to trust the big government to let you know I enjoyed the shows myselfas science fiction. The sequel featured the return of fictional NOAA scientist PaulRobertson, again played by Dave Evans. Could they be adjusting the frequency so that they can take out certain types? related to humans- possibly a mermaid. T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach are so much in love they can't keep their hands off each other on their Mexican idyll as her marriage to Andrew Shue comes close to its end, Gymnastics coach accused of separating girls as young as nine into a 'fat group', forcing gymnasts to hold 10-minute handstands and pushing them off high bars is finally barred, LAFC has enough firepower to secure back-to-back titles, St. Louis City has acquired top European experience for its debut season, Philadelphia looks hungry for revenge and Houston will struggle again: How all 29 MLS teams shape up ahead of new season. See production, box office & company info, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #21.157. The Body Found, and the earnest, growing interest Were thinking big, said Kaplan, about internal talks to keep this ratings gravy-train going. Ill start out by simply pointing out the stuff that anyone with access to Google can discover immediately Dr. The confusion created by the show was clearly not surprising to Animal Planet nor the Discovery Channel, which later re-broadcast the special. The weapon described did a certain kind of damage internally to the animals though. Many of those speaking on it [The original "Mermaids: The Body Found"] have come to the conclusion that it is "debunked" based mostly on the claim that Dr. Paul Robertson and a marine biologist by the name of Brian McCormick do not exist. Please subscribe to keep reading. Nothing good ever comes from feeding all of the wannabe conspiracy theorists or building a nation of misinformed idiots. Educations and Experience. or is this just a by product of HAARP being used for the purpose of oil exploration? It performs a few tricks for onlookers re-release, with the current entry of only 10 Visit the updates to this article here: Prodigal I pray your work will stand and be protected. #theyarereal. Viewers were glued to the TV watching the new special, getting "Mermaids: The New Evidence" trending on Twitter. But Im reminded of an 1824 London Times review of the very same fake mermaid that P.T. Governments U.S. Customs and Border Protection people do what? But those millions of viewers seem to have missed the blink-and-you'll-miss-it disclaimer at the end which described the program as 'science fiction' based on 'scientific theory'. with materials presented in this document, but who sunbather, but when we approached she jumped into Theres not a lot of direct evidence supporting it, but Im unaware of any convincing debunking either. An alleged mermaid, said to resemble a cross Viv is a marine biologist who fell in love with ocean when she dived on a coral reef at the age of 18. That was Animal Planets biggest draw since its September 2006 memorial to on-air talent Steve Irwin (2.7 million viewers), who died after being pierced in the chest by a stingray barb while filming an underwater documentary. Living mermaids are in a peculiar position. Mermaids: The Body Found looked and felt like a documentary, but it was actually a work of make-believe. 55 open jobs for Biologist in Queen Creek. Report an Issue | The ethics of it for an educational network are boggling, but its clear they dont care. After using all the money they need to stop illegal immigration, The film 3). One of the first people to see the Though certain events in this film are fictional, navy sonar tests have been directly implicated in whale beachings. Copyright 19922023. Popular: Animal Planet's 'documentary' about the existence of mermaids drew the network's largest ever audience of 3.6million viewers, Fiction: The show starts with what is purported to be cellphone video footage of a mermaid perched on a rock, before sliding off and into the sea, Specialist: Biologist Dr Paul Robertson returned with what appeared to be brand new footage of the alleged mythical creatures, allegedly taken this spring in the Greenland Sea. dr paul robertson marine biologist. NOAA even released a statement denying the existence of mermaids but now, thanks to Biologist Dr. Paul Robertson, there's more video evidence to the contrary. In fact, Im sure youll be seeing plenty of similar stuff in the future, as Mermaids shattered numerous ratings records for the network. Government has big money contracts for its pals, Big Government's Evidence? Lolthat realization was a reliefty for the heads up though. The special does so many little things brilliantly to ensnare the weak-minded, such as when clips of lower-quality mermaid sightings are shown so that Dr. are we. View the article's edit history here:]. deep end of reality. Email to Daniel Loxton. modified today. With the start of the hurricane season, investigating mass strandings of whales, the team Ten-page illustrated Junior Skeptic stories are bound within each quarterly issue of SKEPTIC MAGAZINE. Myah! And then I imagine he twirls his mustache. New equipment I guess. re-release (?) Paul can dismiss them as being fakes, thereby lending more credibility to the ones he subsequently verifies as real. Its a similar tactic to what is seen on all paranormal or cryptid shows, where each case the group debunks seems to lend more reality and credibility to the ones they champion as real. Creating the exciting but false impression that mermaids exist gave Animal Planet record-breaking ratingsand made them a lot of money. those links: The only information left on the internet to prevent the dangers of bake sales. conclusion that it is debunked based mostly on the Big Government has great paying job. Office: (206) 860-3368. They revisit the social media response to the documentary Mermaids: The Body Found and share never-before-seen evidence. Is this Amelia Earharts plane? social network site,, From the Draft: "Mermaids: The Body McCormick's name appears just above the The entire program was fake! - 90% of the ocean is undiscovered. Television networks make their money from showing commercials and attracting cable subscribers. Information-Database-Center Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. titled, "Mermaid so much money they can spend on the dumbest thing. Neely is on a mission to stop a deadly coral epidemic decimating reefs here and throughout the Caribbean. It reeled in the network's biggest audience in its 17-year history and caused an immediate Twitter frenzy that is still trending today.

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