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Oswego County Regiment, 3d; 110th Infantry McClellan Infantry; one company, 102d Infantry Chrysler's (M. H.) Independent Company of Infantry; 30th Infantry Meagher's Irish Brigade; see Irish Brigade New York City Artillery, 1st; 12th Artillery, later part of 15th Artillery Ethan Allen Regiment; 178th Infantry (part) The report lists 26,088 names of men who served during the Civil War period, including citizen soldiers who served in local militias. Militia, 10th Regiment; 177th Infantry Far from being an exhaustive list of Civil War nicknames, the following discussion highlights some of the most notable. Buffalo Regiment, 1st; 21st Infantry "Military Affairs in New York". Names such as the Iron Brigade, the Stonewall Brigade, Cleburne's Division, Syke's Division, Hardee's Corps, the Sixth Corps, the Army of the Cumberland, or the Army of Northern Virginia conveyed a cachet that became a significant part of the way the war was experienced. Is there a list of Gilmore Medal Recipeints to be found anyw. Walkill Guards; Co. D, 18th Infantry Another brigade in the Army of the Potomac had previously been known as the Iron Brigade, later the "Iron Brigade of the East" or "First Iron Brigade", to avoid confusion. Shelby's Iron Brigade was a Confederate cavalry brigade also known as the "Missouri Iron Brigade". Rifle Battery; 26th Battery Nickname [ edit] Rochester Regiments, Infantry; 13th Infantry Honved Regiment; part of 45th Infantry unit. Infantry[ edit] New York Monument at Gettysburg 34th NY Infantry Monument at Antietam 42nd NY Infantry Monument at Gettysburg 59th NY Infantry Monument at Gettysburg 64th NY Infantry Monument at Gettysburg 68th NY Infantry Monument at Gettysburg Plaque for 83rd NY Volunteers As a cadet at West Point, Ulysses S. Grant was known as Sam Grant in a play on his U.S. initials and Uncle Sam. New Jersey Cavalry, Van Reypen's Company; Co. M (old), 3d Cavalry, later part 1st New Jersey Cavalry Excelsior Rifle Blues; 92d Infantry Rochester Union Grays; part 1st Independent Battalion Artillery Militia Coast Guard; 99th Infantry Paw-Paw, Michigan Co.; Co. C, 70th Infantry Dozen, The; 12th Infantry Virginia Coast Guard; 99th Infantry Militia, 14th Regiment; 84th Infantry Independent Engineers; 50th Engineers Kossuth Guard or Rifles; part Co. Its members were from the counties of Calhoun, Madison, Chambers, Cherokee, Butler, Pike, Barbour, Jackson, Wilcox, Lauderdale, Dallas, Montgomery, and Autauga.Ordered to Corinth, the regiment disbanded prior to the Battle of Shiloh, as the time of service of most of the companies expired in April, 1862. These Hoosiers usually got low marks at inspection but were formidable fighters in the Iron Brigade. Halleck Guard, Co. A; Co. A, 119th Infantry Sharpshooters, 6th, 7th, Sth and gth Companies ; 1st Independent Battalion Sharpshooters Heavy Artillery; 4th Militia O.) Independent Company of Infantry, 49th; Co. G, 194th Infantry Clinton Rifles; Companies F. and G, 57th Infantry Sappers and Miners, New York; 15th Engineers This unit was the 1st Brigade, 1st Division, I Corps, also known as Merideth's Brigade. New York Light Infantry; 11th Militia Mozart Regiment; 40th Infantry, N. Nail Factory Company; Co. Ithaca Volunteers; Co. A, 32d Regiment, Jackson Artillery; part, 5th Artillery Nicknamed Dirty First, the 31 st fought hard in these Civil War battles: Battle of Belmont Battle of Fort Donelson Battle of Champion Hill Battle of Big Black River Siege of Vicksburg Battle of Kennesaw Mountain Battle of Atlanta Battle of Jonesboro March to the Sea #11: Alabama 26 th Infantry Regiment - Confederate Ira Harris Cavalry; 6th Cavalry Yonkers Regiment; Cos. L and M, and part of Cos. B, D, I and K, 172d Infantry, transferred to 6th Artillery, Zook's Voltigeurs; 57th Infantry Honved Regiment; part of 52d Infantry It was here that he issued Order 28 which gave soldiers the right to treat women like prostitutes. : FIELD AND STAFF. The Michigan regiment lost 397 out of 496 soldiers, an 80% casualty rate. Governor's Guard; 2d Mounted Rifles Halleck Infantry; 146th Infantry Black Horse Artillery; 18th Battery Required fields are marked *. Militia, 20th Regiment; 80th Infantry, 20th Militia All rights reserved. Continental Guard, 2d; Company C, 87th Infantry Jefferson Greys; Co. B, 35th Infantry Washington County Regiment; 93d Infantry Sidways' Buffalo Regiment; part of 151st Infantry Judson Kill-Cavalry Kilpatrick was thought to have a reckless disregard for the lives of his Union cavalry soldiers. Buffalo Regiment, 3d; 100th Infantry Abraham Lincoln became known for his honesty long before he became a politician. Fremont's Mississippi Brigade Ironsides; 176th Infantry Willard's Battalion of Artillery; later 20th and 28th Batteries The inside of the coat was lined with cotton to make a better fit. Cameron Rifles; part of 59th Infantry 54th Regiment, in full Fifty-fourth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Massachusetts infantry unit made up of African Americans that was active during the American Civil War (1861-65). This single-shot, muzzle loading, percussion cap rifle weighed nine pounds with a barrel length of forty inches. Malone Regiment; 98th Infantry There are a few stories related to the origin, but the men immediately adopted the name, which was quickly used in print after South Mountain. Try something original, rather than derivative. Sailors See a list of 18,000 African American sailors that served in the Civil War. Morgan Artillery; part 2d Artillery Many commanders won their nicknames through military performance. Morgan Cavalry; part 10th Cavalry Continental Guard, 1st; 48th Infantry Corcoran's Brigade or Irish Legion Original 6th Regiment; all, except Company D in 182d Infantry; Company D as Company H in 155th Infantry Hancock Regiment; 101st Infantry (part) Cherry Valley Regiment; 3d Artillery (part) It was during World War I that the 57th Field Artillery Brigade earned its nickname as it spent many hours at the front and fired more artillery rounds than any brigade in the American Army. Ontario County Regiment; 33d Infantry Excelsior, or Sickles' Brigade, 5th Regiment; 74th Infantry The 6th Wisconsin and 7th Wisconsin fight together till the end of the war. Mohawk Rangers or Rifles; three cos. of 81st Infantry Similar to Jackson, Union general George H. Thomas stance at Chickamauga resulted in his being named The Rock of Chickamauga, while Confederate Edward Allegheny Johnson received his name while defending the mountains of western Virginia early in the war. Tenth National Guard; 177th Infantry Albany and Yates Rifles; 43d Infantry German Rangers; 52d Infantry (seven companies) . It was designed to be more of a dress uniform that resembled a suit rather than the more common infantry men's kit. Washington Zouaves; part of 87th Infantry Rochester Union Greys; part Battalion L, 1st Artillery Cayuga County Regiment, 1st; 19th Infantry, later 3d Artillery Marine Artillery; 1st Regiment A brass eagle badge on the side used to hold the brim up in a slouch, and finally an ostrich feather plume. Cameron Legion; Company K, 59th Infantry Tenth Legion Cavalry; 1st and 2d Cos. Cavalry, 56th Infantry, later Cos. D and C, 1st Mounted Rifles Corcoran's Brigade Bemis Height Regiment; 77th Infantry Flushing Light Artillery; Battery L (old), 2d Artillery, later 34th Battery Also, the fact that the book mentions the name, but offers up no explanation seems strange. The trouser extended from the mid waist down to the ankles and had a pocket on either side. Irish Brigade, Meagher's, 2d Regiment; 88th Infantry Gibbon's brigade would lose 725 men out of 1900, the 2nd Wisconsin losing 276 out of 430 men. British Volunteers, organization of July, 1861; Company C of the McClellan Rifles (90th Infantry) Oneida County Regiment, 3d; 97th Infantry Oswego County Regiment, 2d; 81st Infantry 7 Cos Varian's Battery; Artillery Co. Mountain Legion; 156th Infantry Chiquita-17, Snuggles-15, Rose-12, Bud-10, Grace-5 and Joy-3 (blog nicknames) A Little About Me. While the battle ended in a victory for the Confederacy, General Thomas and his men stood their ground much longer than were expected of them. Buffalo soldiers were African American soldiers who mainly served on the Western frontier following the American Civil War. New York Riflemen; Cos. A, B, C and D, 93d Infantry Dickinson Guard; 89th Infantry Livingston County Regiment; 104th Infantry Irish Legion, Corcoran's, see Corcoran's Brigade The Iron Brigade prepared for battle, at Gettysburg, by anchoring the Union Army's southern flank, 10:0010:45a.m., on Day 1. Militia, 52d Regiment, part; part 176th Infantry The last 4 names are task specific names, such as 'Crisis Evaluation Unit' and 'Classified Intelligence Division'. (Pictured right). Fighting Joe was the nickname given to Union General Joseph Hooker. Many states had soldiers and units fighting for both the United States (Union Army) and the Confederate States (Confederate States Army). Cromwellian Regiment; 76th Infantry, Davies Light Cavalry; 13th Cavalry (part) Bensen Guard of I25th Regiment; 12th Militia Cavalry, 7th Regiment, Dodge's; 1st Mounted Rifles Baker's Brigade Battery; E. D. Baker's Brigade, Light Artillery, Company A, later 13th Battery Independence Guard; Co. A, 12th Militia, later Co. A, 102d Infantry Corcoran Guard; 164th Infantry Cavalry Sickles' Brigade; see Excelsior Brigade Busteed's Battery, Chicago Light Artillery; part of Batteries B and G, 1st Artillery Your email address will not be published. Jefferson County Regiment; 10th Artillery Sharpshooters, Robert Grant's Calcium Light; Co. E, 102d Infantry It is common for every war/conflict to have its peculiar nickname and unique vocabulary used during its course. Whether the issue of slavery was decided, let alone ended, was of no concern. Anthon's Battalion, Light Artillery, 20th Battery Civil War Bucket list Black River Artillery, 3d Battalion; 6th Battalion Artillery "Fall-Out" A soldier that can not keep up with his/her unit. Morgan's 2d Regiment; 2d Artillery [1], The unit that eventually became known as the Iron Brigade was activated on October 1, 1861, upon the arrival in Washington, D.C., of the 7th Wisconsin. The brigade took pride in its designation, "1st Brigade, 1st Division, I Corps", under which it played a prominent role in the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1, 1863. You just need the threads to weave them together. Heavy Artillery, 1st Regiment; Co. B, 2d Artillery Meagher's Own, Mrs.; 88th Infantry Estimated time: 7 mins. The system contains names and other basic information from 6.3 million soldier records in the National Archives. Plattsburgh Regiment; 96th Infantry As the prospect of War grew in late 1860 and early 1861 on February 28, 1861 Provisional Confederate Congress made provisional volunteer army and granted military control to the newly chosen Confederate president and "commander in chief" Jefferson Davies. Lyons Regiment; 98th Infantry, McChesney's (Waters W.) Zouaves; 10th Infantry Ticonderoga Cavalry Company; Co. E (new), 2d Cavalry Auburn Regiment, 2d; 138th Infantry, later 9th Artillery Jackson Horse Guard; Co. A, 1st Militia Cavalry Campbell Guards; 107th Infantry Busteed's Battery, Chicago Light Artillery; part of 4th Battery, Calcium Light Sharpshooters; Company E, 102d Infantry Oneida County Regiment, 2d; 26th Infantry Independent Battery B, or 2d; 3d Battery Corcoran's Brigade or Irish Legion Original 5th Regiment; later the 2d; 155th Infantry Confederate State Units. Excelsior, or Sickles' Brigade, 4th Regiment; 73d Infantry Independent Company Infantry, 9th; Co. D, 194th Infantry Unconditional Surrender was the nickname of Union General Ulysses S. Grant. Polish Legion; part of 58th Infantry United States Voltigeurs or Rangers, Co. A; Co. D, 51st Infantry Saint Lawrence County Regiment; 16th Infantry Orange and Sullivan Regiment; 56th Infantry Its unit crest is similar to the medals issued to veterans of both the Western and the Eastern Iron Brigades of the Army of the Potomac. Morgan Rifles, 1st; Cos. 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