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Our action

The African Centre for the Prevention and Resolution of Conflicts (CAPREC) is an NGO focused on fighting against all forms of violence and on defending and promoting, alone or with other organisations, all principles mentioned in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In 2002, visit of the brigade of Tivaouane by Mr Sidiki Kaba and Dr Bamba Diop .

Created in Senegal in 1999 by Sidika Kaba, CAPREC began its activities in 2001 with a funding from the United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture for the victims of armed conflicts in Casamance (Senegal).

Today it includes two major programmes: a unit of training about Human Rights, security and peace; and a unit of rehabilitation for victims of torture, cruel, inhuman, degrading treatments, and of sexual crimes.

This rehabilitation relies on the legal, financial, psychological and medical support.

In its work with young victims, CAPREC tries to heal their trauma to avoid revengeful states-of-mind that might push them perpetrate criminal deeds once adults.

CAPREC is committed in all actions to prevent conflicts by watching over individual & collective liberties and by fighting against torture, arbitrariness, injustice, intolerance, impunity and violence of all kinds.

CAPREC may, in the case of conflicts and violation of the Human Rights, initiate mediation towards warring nations, intervene towards public authorities, even possibly intent actions to relevant jurisdictions, by bringing civil proceedings for the need of the victims.